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BUSINESS donates parasols to traders to protect against weather


on donates parasols to traders to protect against weather representative (2nd from left), Rhoda Gyamfi donating parasols to market women and traders in Ibadan on behalf of to protect against harsh weather.

As part of its efforts to contribute positively to communities around it,, Nigeria’s frontline bike hailing and delivery logistics service provider is giving out parasols to market traders in Ibadan to protect themselves and their wares against the harsh weather conditions currently being experienced around the country.

This is in line with the company’s commitment towards fulfilling its social responsibilities and positively impacting lives in its operational cities. which is currently operational in the cities of Ibadan, Akure and Kano and offering delivery services to businesses and individuals in Lagos, visited various markets around Ibadan to distribute the parasols to traders dealing in commodities ranging from fresh produce to household items. Speaking at Dugbe Market, representative, Mr Olumayowa Olusa, said “we at are cognizant that this rainy season will be hard on a lot of people, especially the traders who have to go out to ply their trade come rain or sun in order to make ends meet. That is why we decided to play our part in ensuring the protection of our people and their merchandises”. donates parasols to traders to protect against weather

Speaking to one of the traders, Mrs Lawan Tawa expressed gratitude to the team and said the parasols would come in handy for her and her people. She said, “the rain has been affecting our sales because once it starts raining, we have to pack up and take shelter and wait for the rain to stop, with this umbrella we will be able to stay out more no matter the weather and make more sales”.

Whilst shedding more light on how is making positive impacts in its communities, Olusa said the company has also devised a scheme for the traders to earn additional income by referring trustworthy individuals to take part in its vehicle financing scheme. He said “these traders are part and parcel of the community and know individuals who can benefit by being on the platform to sustain themselves and their families. They can refer these people to us and if the person passes all our necessary background checks, then we provide them with our vehicles which will eventually become theirs through our financing option.” He said these traders would also become empowerment agents in their communities and would be able to earn extra cash through this scheme.

He also said the Champions would have additional benefits by being on its platform which includes access to healthcare, insurance and proper safety and driver training centered around defensive driving, recognizing and obeying road signs, acceptable speed limits, and customer service skills required for interaction with passengers.