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By now, it is obvious that popular rap artist, Ruggedman, is tired of the question, ‘when will you get married?’ However, in a chat with Saturday Beats via WhatsApp messenger, the singer noted that he was not scared of marriage and gave reasons why he had not tied the knot.

“I am not scared of marriage. I am just tired of meeting women who can’t trust me or women who find it hard to believe that I genuinely like them all because I am an entertainer. It is a pity because entertainment is my job. I know some entertainers are a bit reckless but you can’t assume that all entertainers are the same. When I date, I do my best to put my woman’s mind at rest and let her know she is the one. But it ends the same way. They can’t handle dating an entertainer and they would rather just end the relationship,” he said.

Putting an end to rumours that he is being pressured by family members to settle down and that he plans on getting married latest next year, the CEO of Twentieth September Wear simply said, “Nothing like that my brother.”

Recently the singer has been accused of featuring young rave of the moment artistes to stay relevant. When ask the question, he said that he was adding value to their career by featuring them.

“Such a person who says I feature rave of the moment artistes to stay afloat in the music industry knows nothing about entertainment and especially about Ruggedman. From my first album, I have worked with both known and unknown artistes, young and old. I work with people if I see they have talent and I believe my working with them will add value to their career,” he said.

Speaking on his appointment as the director of communication at PMAN and how it is affecting his career, the rapper noted that his appointment at the agency had no adverse effect on his career because he has always been good at multitasking. He also hinted that he would drop an album this year.

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“It has not been easy but I am used to multitasking. I run my label and my clothing line on my own. So adding my PMAN role is not too much of a big deal. It is just an extra project. The passion I have for entertainment and the fight to get artistes their royalty is part of what is motivating me.

“Tekno is yet to release an album, is his music suffering? I slowed down on music to kick off my Twentieth September Wears clothing line because when I put it in the hands of people, they messed a lot up and over charge me on a lot of stuff,” he said.

Source: Punch