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I totally agree with you on Kemi Olunloyo’s arrest -Georgina Onuoha tells Seyi Law



United States based Nollywood Actress, Georgina Onuoha, who was slammed by Kemi Olunloyo before her arrest, has disclosed that she agrees with Seyi Law on his post on being happy about Kemi’s arrest.

Georgina who commented on Seyi Law’s post wrote;

“georginaonuoha@seyilaw1; I totally agree with you. I was at the receiving end of her malicious acts.. I was bent on using everything in my Arsenal to make sure she never sees the light of the day again.
But my friends informed my mum of my plans and she was so mad at my actions and all she did was ask me a simple question ” Gozie my child have you ever wronged anyone in the cause of your life?

Where are the moral virtues I taught you? Do you still say your our father who art in heaven each day? If you answer yes to my question child; why won’t you forgive this woman? I that point, I had nothing but compassion and empathy for her.
Though we are humans, it is painful to watch someone tarnish your image, go as low as wishing your kids death and questioning your kids paternity.. with that being said.. I still believe in forgiveness. I’ve forgiven her and pray for her safe return home. I pray others will have same empathy towards her.”