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Famous Seer, Primate Ayodele releases prophecies for 2018/2019



The founder and spiritual head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has released fresh prophecies about Nigeria as a country and other prophecies as it affects Africa and the world as a whole. The famous prophet of God, on Saturday 23rd of December, 2017, released these prophecies to journalists during the church’s annual presentation of food and welfare packages to the less privileged and the release of prophecies for the year 2018/2019 at the church’s premises Oke-Afa, Lagos.

The missing money in NNPC.
Southern Kaduna killing.
Kenyatta victory in Kenya.
Death of Alex Ekwueme.
Nigeria qualification to world cup.
Death of some senators.
Sherif losing at the supreme court.
Outbreak of Cholera and menegitis disease.
Change of leadership in ANC in south Africa.
Killing of foreigners in south Africa.
Change of Etisalat board.
Fuel scarcity.
Flood in Lagos and some parts of Nigeria.
The immigrant problems such as the enslaving of foreigners in Libya.
Problems of traditional rulers in Oyo state.
The missing of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafran failure.
The troubles in the judiciary.
Killing in churches in Anambra.
Re-election of Obiano.
The attack and killing in Adamawa.
Buharis health.
High cost of food stuffs.
The removal of OAU VC.
The saraki cctv victory.
The terrorists attack in UK and US.
Death of journalist in channels TV
The budget padding.
Fire explosion in Onitsha market.
Fire outbreak in Elekos palace in Lagos.
On Sunday Champion February 14, 2015, Primate Ayodele prophesied that “In Kogi State, Faleke must pray and seek God’s face in order to triumph in the court.” Also, the man of God said that God revealed to him that “Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State must not dump APGA for APC or PDP in order to retain a second term.” The servant of God also prophesied that “PDP in Ondo State will face crisis and d party may not retain d office after Mimiko’s tenure”.
I see problems in the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) as some companies will no longer be listed which will cause problems for them. There will be plots to remove the SEC Director-General. I see countries waging war against countries. I see seven among the present Nigerian politicians who may be president in the future. They are Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal, Senator Bukola Saraki, Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Fashola, Pat Utomi, Akinwunmi Adeshina and Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State. This is what the Lord says. Let us pray against scarcity of food commodity in the country. Bread will be scarce due to scarcity of flour in the country, even garri. Some markets will be shut down due to environmental pollution, and let’s pray against explosion and fire outbreak in some markets like Ibadan, Onitsha, lagos island and Alaba market will be rebuilt.
For the presidential election, I see President Buhari doing a lot of alliances; he will try to settle so many things and try to balance, right and left. But Buhari’s aides will create problems for him. The only people who can stabilize Buhari’s government are Fashola, Saraki and Amaechi, they are very symbolic to play a very good role to help the president.
In 2019, Abubakar Atiku wants to be president. It’s going to be serious. Atiku must consult God very well, he must take the right step or else he will not get it and seek and consult the presence of God before embarking on the presidential race in 2019. Because he will face challenges and counter challenges. His effort maybe frustrated, he must get his steps right before he proceeds because he has everything that it takes but there will be a stumbling block which he needs to rectify appropriately
I see Benue state, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Adamawa, Nassarawa, Niger, Gombe, and Kano experiencing incessant bloodshed. I see government banning the okada completely in some parts of the country. Let us pray that we dont lose any local government chairman in Lagos State and also in Oyo State. Nigerians should pray for good health and long life for Ernest Shonekan, Wole Soyinka, IBB, Femi Falana, Olu Falae, Eze ife, Alaafin of Oyo, Olubadan, Awujale, Christopher Kolade and Jakande. Southern Kaduna crisis will aggravate. I see ethnic troubles and killings in Nigeria.The Garcia law for the herdsmen will not work because it will be violated in some areas. The Fulani herdsmen will be protected which will cause lots of problems. Let us pray not to lose a one governor, president and minister and let us pray so that we will not have problem in the speakers forum. There will be political tension in 2018. The case of Diezani Alison Madueke will be covered up as more things will be exposed. Politicians will use violent words against themselves between PDP and APC to destroy their political campaigns. Lets pray against LASSA fever, polio and cholera with monkey pox and water borne disease that may reoccur in Nigeria. Let us pray against police killing unnecessarily. Police and army will go on protest. Let us pray against external aggression on Nigeria boundaries. Strange revelations will be begin to emerge on the chibok girls as the people who sponsor them will be unveiled and many other issues that will show that it was a political plan. Let us pray we do not lose any Nollyhood artist. There will be a major protest in Nigeria and there will sabotage in the military. There will be corruption in military that will expose the military. Nigerian military should pray against attack.  Let us pray against attack of any barrack. Let us pray against bomb explosion in Lagos, Abuja, Maiduguri, Plateau, Rivers and Bauchi. Let us pray so that any plane will not land crash or crashing of helicopter or a plane running out of the run way or crashing of any air force plane. The following states must be careful Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, Ebonyi, Akwa-Ibom, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Enugu, Imo, Lagos and Ogun against political tension. Government will take tax very serious and some tax officials will face challenges. Tax will come in a new way. Looters fund will not be used as expected. Major kidnappers will be arrested because kidnappers will take another dimension.  Bridge will break and some sea pirates will be arrested in Nigeria and most of African countries. Let us pray against food poison that will be imported to Nigeria. We should pray against bad meat in the market. Nigerians will be defrauded of another cybercrime like MMM. Prominent politicians in ibadan, lagos, Ilorin and kano should be prayerful.
Let’s us pray against killing of DSS personnel by Army because there will be shooting between them. Let’s ray against problems between police and DSS, Army and police.  IG will face challenges and they will also cause problems for him so let him pray very well. Some DSS commanders will be redeployed
Some commissioners of police will be changed and some AIGs will go on retirement. There will be promotion in police and there will be a kind of troubles in Police Service Commission which will lead to changes in the personnel
Some insurance companies will have problems with the insurance commission.
NCC will fine telecommunications like GLO, AIRTEL and MTN
NIPOST will be modified the post master general may run into problems
Dasuki’s issue will come up in town year as they will want to indict him. Dasuki will be fighting for his freedom in the year. Biafra will witness the emergence of a new leader. Nnamdi kanu whereabouts will be located. The judiciary will be reviewed and let us pray not to lose any Judge and firebreak in court. There will be judiciary extension tenure. Lets pray against death of any SAN. Lawyers may protest. Some states will have new CJ. Some court will be refurbished. There will be an extension for serving judges.
NAFDAC will detect some fake drugs on malaria that are harmful to health. Let us pray against fire outbreak Nigeria will increase in Agriculture and our tin, gold and potassium will increase. The government will make money from mining but they will not take it serious.
The IDP camp will face more challenges as there will cholera disease. Camp will take another dimension.
There and the chief of Army staff and some of the principal officers because of corruption and documents will indict them. Some things that are not right in the military will be exposed.
The Iyaloja should pray against death. We should also pray so that we don’t lose any Iyaloja or Babaloja. Iyaloja General should pray against multiple troubles and watchful of gang up. She should also be watchful of scandals.
The presidential candidate of the PDP will be imposed by a consensus which will not make the election of the presidential candidate to be democratically elected after their presidential primaries. This will cause trouble for the party. If PDP picks amongst these people they will be able to unseat Buhari James ingilari, markafi, shekarau, lamido should seek the face of God before coming onboard, Duke. These are the people who can fight for the party and win if only PDP is serious to take over. Uche Secondus will be facing a lot of challenges in moving the party forward. I do not see vacancy in Aso Rock in 2019 if PDP are not using the right people and if there is not serious minded candidate; Buharis seat is shaking but if there is nobody Buhari will retain the seat but if PDP can present any of these people there will changes. If PDP does not get the right candidate some PDP governors will vote for Buhari
It is not PDP or APC that can put Nigeria in order. Those two parties have nothing to offer Nigeria because both PDP and APC will have issues except if there is credible candidate who can fight for the battle of leadership. The second term of Buhari will not be favourable to Nigeria because the cabals will hijack the government from him and Buhari will be weak in administrative, social and economic development. His health should be taken care of and he will not be able to do the right things at the right time. If there is no right candidate against Buhari in 2019, he will have his second term conveniently I see a Northerner still ruling Nigeria beyond 2019. Igbo will not be given president in 2023 but might be given vice president. Yewa in Ogun state will be disappointed in 2019. I see Obasanjos leadership role at the last stage. I see serious political crisis in Kano, Rivers, Ondo, Kaduna, Kogi, Adamawa, Enugu, Ebonyi, Lagos, Osun, Ekiti and Ogun States.
Tell Bola Tinubu that his political leadership in Lagos State will expire after 2019 because he will be betrayed by his loyalist and they will gang up against him because there will be a change of power. I see change in the leadership of APC in Lagos State. I see some politicians, honourables, senators and governors being stoned ahead of 2019. Buhari should be careful as I see him being boo
The House will break because of Buharis 2019 second term ambition. There will be cross carpeting from PDP to APC. There will be new strategy in the house, there will be different groups and canvassers and there will be change in principal officers of the house. They should pray not lose any senator and anybody in the house of rep. They should be careful of a rowdy session because there will lot of deliberations and counter deliberations. Senate will want to achieve many things for the country. They will be blamed by some Nigerians while some will praise them. National Assembly will try to balance the country and there will be changes in electoral act and constitutional amendment
The present PDP government in Ekiti State must work hard and strategize well to win the hearts of the people otherwise the APC will win the governorship election of 2018 in Ekiti State. Tell Governor Fayose of Ekiti State not to relax because there is fire on the mountain and the election will go beyond his expectation as people of Ekiti may gang up against the Governor and his anointed candidate. There will be a lot of measure to prevent rigging. If APC wants to win then they should consider these candidates Fayemi, kayode Ojo, Oni, Ojodu and Gbenga Aluko
Only if APC pick the right candidate they can return to the seat and if they are in oneness and can restrategise properly. Unless if PDP will select the right candidate for the job. So APC must do wider consultation and pick the right candidate for the job so as not to lose in the coming election. Because there will be division amongst PDP
He must be very careful because of challenges and blackmail and he will overcome attacks and he will do his best for his party but some people will be battling him sideways. He must come closer to God. The BOT of PDP will have issues
He must be on focus in the politics because they will want to fight him to nothingless and try to remove him. There will be a lot of misunderstanding among the BOT of APC
Let us pray so that there wont be stampede in any stadium in Africa and anywhere in the world
Ondo State governor, Akeredolu should work hard on his second term and take care of the civil servants else he might lose the second term. The Ondo governor must work with politicians. Let us pray against killing in Ondo state. I have not seen Solomon Yayi becoming the governor of Ogun State in 2019. Let us pray against kidnapping Obas and youth protesting in Ondo state and also pray against the death of a paramount oba in Ondo. Let us pray against ethnicity crisis in Ondo.
MTN will have problems because they want to have expansion in their Tariff will vary and their data plan which may cause issues from the customers. ETISALAT will have issues that will warrant them to borrow more money which will cause them to run into crisis that will make them lose some of their staff because they want to have expansion in some places in Africa.  NITEL will be sold.  I see a new Telecommunication that is coming on board but it will not be recognized now. AIRTEL should be very careful and watchful so that their mast will not be attacked. GLO will want to have some expansion. They must be very careful because they will make some attempts that will cause them to lose money. They will lose some of their staff. MTN and GLO will lay off their staff
They will discover some illegal ammunition. The General Manager of NPA will be changed and there will be strikes and protests. People will clamor for the removal of the MD of NPA because there will be mismanagement and misconduct. The money in the freight and tariff will be high and there will be lots of misdocumentation. There will be petition against the MD of NPA. The clearing and forwarding section will not be easy at all. Let us pray against fire outbreak in NPA. I see plots and petitions against the Managing Director of NPA. Customs will make a lot of money or Nigeria but there will be problems.  Let pray against law suit for custom. There will be killings of custom officers. Some customs officials will retire. There will be problems between customs and smugglers. Some customs officers will be indicted
NIMASA will face protest, troubles and petition. The activities of NIMASA will be investigated. They will review some regulations on their activities in the New Year. Even some of the training they will be doing will be reviewed.  Also, in Inland Water Ways, they will have issues. NIMASA will take some steps that will be queried.
FAAN will have issues about money that will expose certain things there. There will be problem for director of FAAN. FAAN will probe some of their officials. The civil aviation of Nigeria officers needs prayers. Some imported goods will be banned. Overland will have problem and will buy new aircraft. I see Turkish Airlines having challenges, Arik Airlines staff will protest. More airports will be refurbished. Some airlines will be penalized like aero contractors, Dana airline, KLM, Kenya airways and Ethiopia should pray not to have any technical troubles. British airways customers may take them up to court. There will be scarcity of aviation fuel and the price will go up. Some pilots will go on strike and some Arik staff may go on protest. Lets pray against boat and ship capsizing. Pray against bomb scare at Murtala airport in Lagos. Army and Police will be indicted.
Let us pray so that our prisons will not face challenges. Let us pray against jail break. There will be petition against the people in charge of the prison
Diamond bank will have problems and the MD will have problems. WEMABANK should pray not to run into debt and shortage. ZENITHBANK must be careful because they want to lay off some of their staff and some branch managers will have problems. ECOBANK, ACCESSBANK and FIDELITY BANK will want to start new promotion. There will be new heads in CBN and they must be prayerful so that any of their branches will not be engulf by fire. There will be changes among the directors and deputy governors. The CBN governor should pray not to face some unexpected troubles. Let us pray so that CBN does not lose anybody. KEYSTONE must be careful so that they will not experience troubles and fire outbreak. Banks should pray against robbery attack like FIRSTBANK, GTBANK, ZENITH BANK, KEYSTONE, ACCESSBANK and DIAMOND BANK.. Heritage must pray against troubles with CBN. There will be changes in deposit commission and withdrawal commission procedure will be changed also. MD of ACCESSBANK, DIAMOND BANK and ECOBANK should pray seriously for their life
Nigeria will not be rich in oil after 20year from now. TEXACO, SHELL and MOBILs activities will be put in check as they will face certain issues. Conoil will have expansion and will have refinery. Conoil will have troubles with their expatriates and they will want to buy subsidiaries in Africa. Oando oil will acquire a big subsidiary that will be used for power and they will have new contracts. They must be careful of leadership troubles. Forte oil will face serious challenges in the year. I see problem in PPPR. I see plans to remove the GMD of NNPC and minister of petroleum. There will be missing money. I see Nigeria importing bad fuel. Oil marketers will not succumb to government. Youth will protest against them. The director of refinery and crude oil will be implicated. I see increase in fuel pump price as there will be scarcity of petroleum in the later year as NUPENG and PENGESSAN will go on strike and oil marketers will still be having issues. Our refineries will break down and let us pray against bomb attack on our refineries and explosion that may come up on our refineries. HEYGEN petroleum will run into debt and the chairman should pray against bereavement and pray for good health. NNPC should pray against fire outbreak in any of their offices or building.
The budget will have issues because it will not be accelerated as expected and the content of the budget will be queried. The budget will be delayed due to some mistakes and as a result it will not reflect on the economy. There will some arguments on the Budget. The budget may cause issues between the senate and presidency.
There will be new laws from Head of Service. There will be some indictment documents from the office. There will be new laws for federal permanent secretaries and civil servants
There will be reshuffling of cabinet in 2018 but this will be very political. There will be some new ministries and rearrangement of new ministries. Some ministries will be more pronounced than others. The pensioners will be on the government as their money will not be paid by the government even their arrears. Some governors will be indicted because of their Paris club money will be mismanaged. The Attorney General’s office will face lot of troubles politically and there will be some indictment documents from his office. He should be careful because of people working for him will work against him. He will face some challenges. The office of the Attorney General will be petitioned.
Super eagles will qualify for nations cup.  Let us pray not to lose any player in Nigeria, Africa and the world.  The NFF president will create problems for himself and he will cause troubles in the glasshouse. They will be gang up against him. Let us pray not to loss anybody in the glasshouse or in the sport this year. NFF and NIKE will have problems. Let us pray for God’s protection on our referees and for our local coaches so as not to see death on anyone. Let us pray so that Super eagles can perform very well in the world cup and scale through the challenges. They should pray so that they can forge ahead in the world cup. Let need prayers to perform very well in CHAN. They will perform at the nations cup and they need prayers to lift the cup because there will be technical problems. Our local clubs will make us proud in some of their activities. The government will settle some of the bonuses of the players when they go for World Cup and it will cause problems. Super eagles should pray for unity among themselves. There will be problems between NFF and the sport ministry. LMC will come out with new laws for some football clubs; there may be new leadership in LMC
There will be changes in the villas Brigade command. There will be some injustice in the presidency. The president will have problems with some of his aides who will be causing problems for the activities of the president. Some unfavourable documents will be coming out of the villa. There will be gang up against the chief of staff to the president. Aishat Buhari should be careful of people blackmailing her and she should be watchful because she might be disappointed. She should be prayerful against gang up and for Gods protection. The Buhari family should pray against bereavement and pray against scandals on their children. Aishat Buhari may be scandalized. Buharis government will take lots of steps to correct a lot of wrong things in the villa, in his cabinet and in his party. But all these moves will not be well strategized properly.
The helm of affairs of NDDC should be careful because of problems round him as EFCC will be after NDDC commissioners. The youth will protest against the policy of NDDC. NDDC contractors will run into crisis.
ECOWAS needs prayers because there will be a proposal for ECOWAS money.  The ECOWAS president will have issues with some of the Head of States and some of his commissioners.  Let us pray that we do not lose any commissioner of any member state.  ECOWAS will look into the issues of Gender, security, poverty and immigrant situation. The president of ECOWAS should watch his political moves in his country.
Let us pray not to lose any AU member and a major crisis in some AU countries like Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Congo, Kenya, Libya, Togo and Egypt. AU may not want to adopt some countries which may cause issues. There will be misunderstanding among AU members. Let us pray against war and unrest among the AU countries. Let us pray against epidemic diseases and natural disaster in some African countries especially North and Central African countries.  There will be changes in some of the principal officers of AU. AU will run out of resources like funds to support their projects like security, food and employment. There will be border problems among some AU nations. Let’s us pray against sickness among AU presidents and against military coup on any AU leader.
They should pray against pandemonium.  I see change in the president.  Let us pray against waterborne disease and a disease that will be transmitted through fly in Africa.  Let us pray against another sexual disease that will be rampant in the year
EU will face lots of challenges in the year. The European Union will have problem with the United Nations
The issues in Syria will cause problems for United States. This issue will cause problems for some big countries. US, Russia and North Korea will have issues among themselves. The president of Syria will do what will violate the law of human right. Syria will want to do election but the effort of world leaders to take away the Syrian problems will be difficult. There will be weapon of mass destruction. The president will escape assassination. Militants will invade Syria
There will be new leaders as the second in command will be killed. Let us pray that ISIS will come into Nigeria and some other parts of Africa. There funding will be detected by FBI and CIA
Nigeria will be favoured in UN and some African countries. There will be change of deputy secretaries in UN. UN will face troubles that will be a major deliberation in the congress. UN workers will may be killed there may be unexpected attack on their building
I foresee challenges among their security some countries will want to come into the treaty. Some countries will want to pull out. Afghanistan president will survive deadly attack. There will be a major bombing in Afghanistan
There will be terrorist attack in Kenya. Let us pray against flooding in some African countries where they have not been experiencing it before. There will troubles in African countries that western world will want to be involved. I foresee Africa in 30-40 years; European countries will depend on Africa for survival Africa before the economy of these European countries to boom, they will be living on what they see in and from Africa. Africans should come together to look into the resources inward or else there will be various forms of oppression from the Europeans. Africans will continue to kick against slavery. Cameroun will have challenges such as killings, bloodbath and shootings. They will want to change the government in Cameroun. In the Sierra Leones coming presidential election, I see victory between two major candidates, Kandeh Yumkella and Samura Kamara. If kandeh strategise very well he will win. There will be some countries that will be fighting to have their independence. The reelection in Liberia, George weah will triumph. Ghana may experience kidnapping and unexpected killing. The Ghanaian president should pray for his second term will not be threatened. Ghana prison will be congested as such the inmates will contract menegitis. I foresee unexpected killing that may give Togolese president problems and the president will take wrong steps also that will lead to trouble. If care is not taken, they will want to unseat him by all means. The president of Benin Republic will not have second term and there may be protest and unrest. There will be election in Libya and protest, bomb explosion and killing
CNN will be probed and their staff will be attacked. While Al Jazeera will be indicted and their expansion will be caution. Some of the machinery will not work as expected. Let us pray so that CNN will not lose any of their correspondents. CNN will be sued and al jazeera will be charge of misinformation
Bill gate should pray for good health. Let us pray for the peace in the world. Britain Should pray against terrorists and flood and the hijab issue will cause problems in France as France president will be queried about some of his policies. There will be protest against France president. There will be Natural disasters in America such as fire outbreak, incessant killings in major areas in US as well as flooding. Let us pray against helicopter crash in America. America’s government will create more employment to boast the economy. Triump will face challenges and troubles. He will not have second term. America will face war threat by North Korea. America should take caution not to go to war with any country because they will not survive it. Countries such as Taiwan, China, India and Indonesia may take over the economy of the world from America because their economy will be big in the coming year. India should pray against train mishap that may come as a result of terrorists attack and bomb scare. There will be killing in South Africa. There will be election in India. Britain should pray against unexpected bloodbath and their parliament will witness rowdy session. Strange things will begin to happen that will confuse the world leaders. The world will not understand what is really happening. There will be no peace due to one problem or the other. Let us pray against unknown happenings in the world that will put world leaders in confusion. Let us pray against mudslide and landslide and earthquake. I see eclipse of the sun in some part of the world. Let us pray against earthquake, mudslide and landslides in Indonesia, Philippine, China, Japan, Haiti and some part of Nigeria will have earth shaking. EU and UN will have issues with America. I see America losing a senator and a popular Hollyhood artist. And let one time president of America pray for good health. Also, I see an African country losing a famous footballer and the world. I see airborne and waterborne diseases in the world. Emirate airline will be banned some countries and Qatar airline will be fined in some countries. Saudi Arabia should pray attack and flooding. Prince of Saudi Arabia should pray not to go prison or be fined. Dubai visa will be change and they will start deporting people. There will be troubles in Palestine and they will be given support by some world leaders. The Israeli-Palestinian issue will be prominent in the year and take another dimension because there will be troubles in that area even Lebanon. There will be problems in the middle belt. Because the Palestinians will struggle to have their own Nation and they will still be fighting the Israelis with all the efforts of America frustrate their efforts. Israel will be attacked and there will be problem between an Israeli’s soldier and Palestinian soldier. Not all the countries will comply with Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but some will comply because it has come to stay no matter the troubles. Asian part of the world we should pray against religious crises and disorderliness. There will be some misinformation from CIA and they will have strange information that the world will criticize them.FBI will give fallacious information. There will be change in helm of affairs while the Homeland security in US will face certain challenges and will miscalculate.  A very prominent official may resign from Triump’s cabinet. There will be climatic change that will affect the world. Those people into swiss gold may lose. Russia will help nigeria in fighting Boko Haram and US will sell weapon to Nigeria. morocco will develop a new train system
I see serious trouble in Catholic. The Pope will take some wrong steps and may remove some cardinals. A prominent trustee member of celestial Church of Christ may die Government will make a law against churches but the law will not far.  Let’s pray against ethnicity crisis and religious crisis in Nigeria and
Dangote cement and sugar may face problems. Some of his refineries may breakdown and he may run into debts. Dangote will shut down some of his companies in Nigeria and outside and he should pray against serious accident which may result into litigation in the year. BUA sugar should pray so that his machinery will not breakdown and against debt and have crisis. Bua sugar should pray not to lose any prominent person among the director. Dangote will delve into oil. He may be bereaved and he will lose lots of money
EFCC will face in corruption in the year. EFCC will have challenges of corrupt officers. EFCC will try to fight corruption but the government of Buhari will not be able to fight corruption as expected and all the sources of corruption will have to be tackled. The EFCC chairman – Magu will face plots and counter plots. EFCC officials will be attacked and indicted.
There will be redeployment of commissioners and INEC should be prayerful not to lose anybody. Also, the card reader system will cause problems for voters
There will be new strategies for road infrastructure that will be in force by the government. the Government  will improve on road infrastructure like tollgate to increase income.
There will new transportation system. There will be empowerment of NURTW and some drivers and conductors will be uniform. There will be problems in NURTW. Let us pray against train mishap. Agbede should pray not to have troubles
ASUU will go on strike and there will be changes in the leadership also. Some students will protest due to hike in school fees. NUT will fight for their salaries as some governors will still owe them. I see restructuring in JAMB. Doctors will go on strike and let us pray against fire outbreak in any of the hospitals. The chief medical director in some hospitals will be removed and there will be refurbishment some federal and state hospitals. Doctors will request for increment in their money. Governors will still owe NUT. Some universities name will be changed and some polytechnic. LASU, UNILAG, UI, OOSU and MAPOLY students will protest.
Labour will fight the government because of minimum wage. The government will want to pay certain amount which will not be favourable to NLC.
Let us pray against gas explosion in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya because they will was to use gas as a source of power which might cause troubles for them. The power supply will not be stable until June 2019 and the megawatt will drop seriously during June, July and august 2018. The company handling the technicality of the electricity will have problems. Nigeria will be in contract with china on the issue of electricity and afterward it will make money for the country. Blackout because some dams will be break down as some companies that partner with Nigeria on energy will not be effective
Let’s pray not to lose any Emir or Oba to be taken to court.  Alaafin of Oyo should pray against bereavement while Olubadan will face challenges about the Obstacles.taking government to court is a wrong sstep.  Obi of Onitsha,  Ata of Igala should pray for good health. Obong of Calabar should pray so that his palace will not be attacked and for good health.  Eleko of Lagos should ray for God’s protection and victory.  Let’s pray against kidnapping of any Oba and gun shot at Oba or taking them to court or prison.  Also, prayer should be made against any palace attack in Ogun state and fire outbreak. The traditional rulers will be abused of their rights to use them. Let us pray against fire outbreak in any palace or sudden removal of any oba while on the throne. The following emirs should be prayerful emir of Adamawa, Niger, Bauchi and Zaria and also Solu Dambari. Let us pray against death of any Oba in Lagos. Let us pray against detention and accident among the obas
He and the government will work hand in hand. There will be gang up against the oba and his subjects, chiefs will go against him. There will be problems between the Governors the civil servants.
Let’s pray not to lose any media personnel especially in electronic and print.  There will be changes in leadership of some Newspapers. Let us pray so that we will not lose anyone in channels, galaxy and NTA and so that they will not witness fire outbreak
Let Pasuma pray not to lose money while Obesere will get contract that will fail gimme and David may face some major crisis and he should pray for head way. Pray not to have issues with fans. Osupa should pray against accident as he will make a wave while Alao MALAIKA should pray not to lose because he might run into troubles with his recording company.  Let’s pray against death rumor of Ebenezer Obey.  Tuface will face challenges and will be indicted and will take new steps while psauqare may have court issues and will have new contract. Funke Akindele’s marriage needs prayers and for all her moves. She should pray against slight surgery while Muyiwa Ademola pray not to lose money.  Odunlade Adekola will have some of his contracts terminated unexpectedly and should pray against rumour and blackmailers.  A new gospel musician will come up while Atorise should be watchful so that they will not useless him.  Kollington Ayinla should be prayerful about his health. There will be problems among Fuji leadership that will cause serious arguments.
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Mr. Ogunbodede said the conclusion was reached after the investigative panel found Mr. Akindele guilty of inappropriate relationship with one of his students, Monica Osagie, a claim to which he admitted.

The vice chancellor said the dismissal of Mr. Akindele will serve as deterrent to others as “the university has taken further steps to ensure total elimination of sexual harassment in the OAU community”

This newspaper had reported the audio conversation between Mr. Akindele, a professor in the accounting department, and Ms Osagie.

The university had initially suspended Mr Akindele indefinitely, following an interim report of its investigation.


Read the full statement by the vice chancellor confirming the dismissal below.


Around the 7th of April, 2018 or thereabout, there was an audio conversation between a man and a lady which was sensationally trending on social media because of its explicit sexual tone. After thorough investigation, it was discovered that the said audio conversation was between a lecturer and a student of our University (OAU) who were later identified to be Professor Richard Akindele and Ms Monica Osagie.

To save the image of the University and to unravel the circumstances that surrounded the whole saga, the University Management set up a committee and mandated it to submit its report within a week. Furthermore, the Management issued a query to Professor Richard Akindele to explain his role after which he was suspended pending the final determination of the case in line with the University regulations.

Although the committee invited the two persons involved, only Professor Akindele could be initially reached and invited. This necessitated the submission of an interim report. However, when the committee eventually succeeded in inviting Ms Monica Osagie, and finally concluded its sittings, it then submitted its final report to the Management.

To disabuse the minds of the general public on the issue of an alleged cover-up, the Vice-Chancellor, on two occasions, issued press releases that were personally signed by him. The press releases were maximally published by virtually all the media houses and aired by Radio and Television Stations across the globe.

Last Thursday, 14th June, 2018, the University Senate considered the Committee’s Findings that:

(1) Professor Akindele had an inappropriate relationship with his student Miss Osagie. This was established through their conversation in the audio recording; his reply to the query; the oral evidence; and the printed ‘WhatsApp conversations’ tendered before the Committee.

(2) He had acted in a manner that is seen to have compromised his position as a teacher and examiner, in that, his conversations with Miss Osagie were about examination scores and inducement of favour for the alteration of examination scores.

(3) He offered to change Miss Osagie’s purported “33%” result to a pass mark in consideration for sexual favours, this was established in the audio recording which he admitted.

(4) His claim that Miss Osagie knew that she had passed with a score of ‘45’ but was seeking to score an ‘A’ and that this led to him being sexually harassed by Miss Osagie cannot be supported by any evidence.

(5) Professor Akindele’s actions in requesting for sexual favours from Miss Osagie to change her examination scores was scandalous behaviour that has brought ridicule to the name of the University and has tarnished the reputation of the University, as it portrays the University as an institution where its teachers and examiners trade marks for sexual favours.

(6) From the evidence, Miss Osagie had no idea that she scored ‘45’, a pass mark as later claimed by Professor Akindele, although she later found out she did not fail the course.

(7) Professor Akindele’s claim that he reported Miss Osagie’s ‘harassment’ to his colleagues cannot be supported by any evidence as all his colleagues denied it and one mentioned that she only talked about the matter with him after the audio recording was released over the internet.

(8) Professor Akindele operated in a position of power and authority over Miss Osagie and as such sexually harassed her.

(9) Professor Akindele was liable for all the allegations of misconduct levelled against him.

Accordingly, the Senate recommended that Professor Richard Akindele, having been found liable on all the allegations against him, should be dismissed from the services of the University.

The Council, at its meeting of today, Wednesday, 20th of June, 2018, having considered the recommendation of Senate, as well as the report of the Joint Committee of Council and Senate, decided that Professor Richard I. Akindele should be dismissed from the services of the University for gross misconduct.

The University has also taken further steps to ensure the total elimination of Sexual Harassment (SH) in the OAU Community. The University has a legal duty to prevent sexual and gender-based harassment within the institution and ensure that both men and women are protected from this menace; and thereby provide conducive environment for teaching and learning. To achieve this, the university:

(a) is creating more awareness and disseminating information on what constitutes Sexual Harassment (SH) within the university, and noting the veracity of SH concepts which include – sexual solicitation and advances, sex exploitation, prostitution, seduction, pimping, sexual assault, unwanted touching, vulgar sexual jokes, rape among others. These concepts are well specified in the University Sexual Harassment Policy approved by the University Council in 2013;

(b) has put in place a strategic implementation framework for the SH Policy which will ensure effective/rapid redress mechanisms to incidents of SH. The SH Policy clearly states mechanisms for reporting and for dealing with SH cases through the committee system. This would be made more functional;

(c) will continuously educate staff and students about their right to seek redress in cases of SH;

(d) has uploaded, on its website, the Sexual Harassment Policy, under the administrative blog, while copies are being given to students at matriculations, and when staff are newly recruited;

(e) intends to add ‘Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment’ as part of its core values, and openly display this on bill boards.

A whistle-blower policy is also being developed by the University.

OAU is fully committed to the eradication of sexual and other types of harassment from our tertiary institutions and will do all that is possible to nip this menace in the bud. OAU has zero tolerance for Sexual Harassment and as a renowned University will do everything humanly possible to maintain the rules and regulations of the University.

Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede
June 20, 2018

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Reps to Buhari: ‘We are not your rubber stamp’



The House of Representatives has reacted to claims by President Muhammadu Buhari that the National Assembly mutilated the 2018 budget by replacing priority projects with those that will be hard to implement.

The House told the President that it is not a rubber stamp that should return proposals made to it without making inputs.

Earlier today, Buhari had expressed displeasure while signing the 2018 appropriation bill over mutilation of the budget and squarely blamed the National Assembly, saying he signed the bill in order to avoid “further slowdown the pace of recovery of our economy, which has doubtlessly been affected by the delay in passing the budget.”

Criticisms by the President also bordered on the insertions by the legislature, late passage and increment of its budget.

Reacting to this, the green chamber in a statement by its spokesman, Mr. Abdulrazak Namdas, stated that the  federal legislature is not a “rubber-stamp” and they have the “constitutional power of appropriation to alter, make additions, costs or reduce as it may deem necessary” hence their action is “justifiable.”

Speaking on the late passage of the bill, Namdas said it is the National Assembly’s desire to return our budget cycle to January-December but the 2018 budget also “came behind schedule in November 2017, even though this attempt was seen as one of the earliest in recent years.”

He urged the executive to hasten their reporting time to the National Assembly by complying fully with the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The Spokesman also said heads of MDAs are equally at fault in the late passage reminding the President that he had to issue an order that they appear to defend their budget after repeated alarm by the legislature.

In respect of new projects in budget, Namdas explained that the legislature who are also representing their constituents had to reflect the wish of their people in the budget adding that “some of the projects designed by the executive, as high-sounding as their names suggest, do not meet the needs of the common man.”

He justified the National Assembly’s budget saying it remains “far below the N150bn in the years before 2015.”

He said: “Before 2015, the budget of the National Assembly was N150billion for several years. It was cut down to N120bn in 2015 and further down to N115bn in 2016. In 2017, the budget was N125bn and N139.5bn in 2018. This means that the budget of the National Assembly is still far below the N150bn in the years before 2015.”

The Reps Spokesman also welcomed the proposal by Mr. President to forward a supplementary budget to the National Assembly to address other areas of pressing demands and commend the President and the entire executive arm for a cordial working relationship.

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Buhari rules out talks with aggrieved nPDP leaders



President Muhammadu Buhari will not meet with members of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP), who are threatening to leave the All Progressives Congress (APC), it was learnt Monday.

The nPDP is one of the blocks that formed the APC in 2014 – the main groups being Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP).

They have accused the ruling party of marginalisation and are threatening to defect to another party. On May 9, the nPDP wrote a letter to the APC leadership, seeking a meeting within seven days, to address its grievances.

It also alleged harassment of its members by the Federal Government. The letter was signed by Alhaji Kawu Baraje as the group’s leader.

However, another group of ex-PDP members in the APC led by Senator Abdullahi Adamu and House of Representatives member Abdumumin Jibrin in another letter, accused the Baraje group of insincerity and not representing the group.

The APC leadership led by Deputy Natonal Chairman (North) Lawal Shuaibu, met with the Baraje group.

A follow-up meeting was chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, where it was agreed that the nPDP team, which had Senate President Bukola Saraki and House of Representatives Speaker Yakubu Dogara in attendance, should isolate the issues for discussion at the next meeting, which is yet to hold.

However, there were speculations that a meeting with the President was in the offing, but it was learnt Monday that the President told a parley of party chiefs last week that he would not be meeting with the nPDP leaders because “it is a party matter”,

Buhari, according to sources, said he was not disposed to getting involved in the matter. He was quoted to have said: “I will not interfere.”

He reportedly told the governors at the meeting he had with them, that they as party leaders in the states “should deal with all issues as they are raised and where there is need, the party leadership can come in”.

The President, the sources added, however, endorsed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s intervention which he said should continue.

A few days to Saturday’s National Convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC), President Muhammadu Buhari’s supporters, including some governors and party leaders, have been holding marathon meetings on how to keep the party intact.

There has been intense horse-trading on how to secure some of the eight key posts in the National Working Committee (NWC).

Governors are being wooed to back Buhari at the convention.

But the aggrieved leaders of the New Peoples Democratic Party(nPDP) have kept the APC leadership in suspense on their next moves after the suspension of talks with the Presidency.

It is unclear if nPDP leaders will attend the convention because some of them have complained of being shut out of the National Convention Committee.

There was anxiety in the party on what the nPDP caucus was up to, but the belief in the President’s camp is that a “cohesive” party leadership will put APC in good stead for the 2019 poll.

Those with divided loyalty, the President’s supporters believe, should be weeded out of the NWC.

A source said: “Some of our governors and leaders of APC have been holding series of meetings on how to make APC stronger with a new set of leaders who can complement the administration of the President.

“These leaders, who are strategists of the President, are also working round the clock to reshape APC for the electoral battle ahead in 2019. We do not want to run a divided party in view of the gang-up by some leaders.

“These marathon meetings in Abuja border on the need to be on the same page with like-mind governors and party leaders; putting in place harmonised or unity list; and laying a fresh foundation for the unity of the party.”

The source added: “I might not give you their names but horse-trading is going on among governors and party leaders.

“It involves weighing options on candidates, a give-and-take negotiation and putting 2019 poll above any other interest.

“There are eight positions the presidential strategists cannot joke with. They are the National Chairman, National Secretary, Deputy National Chairman (North); Deputy National Chairman (South); National Organising Secretary, National Publicity Secretary; National Women Leader and National Youth Leader.

“Of course, the nPDP factor has been dominating all discussions and the governors and party leaders have left options open.”

As at press time, it was not clear if leaders of nPDP will attend the National Convention of APC or boycott the event.

A party source said: “We do not know what the nPDP leaders are up to but we are preparing for the worse, including their likely defection from APC.

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