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A clarion call to service: Dr. Belel has been considered a worthy ambassador by the people of Northern Adamawa, By Dantala Garba Maiha



In the words of Mollie Marti where he penned that :“A noble leader answers not to the trumpet calls of self promotion, but to the hushed whispers of necessity.” These words in its full wisdom are connected to one Man that is making great waves in the Public Health Care development Agency (PHCDA) of Adamawa State.

This is as a result of the urgent needs and desire to tap from his richly endowed humane nature of his love for humanity, a passionate philanthropist and an enigma unto good works. A clarion call was made by the high and lowly people of Adamawa State Northern Senatorial District, calling on the people of the zone to as a matter of urgency and the rising need, to call on Dr Abdullahi Dauda Belel, the present Chairman of Adamawa State Public Health care development agency to aspire for the Northern zone senatorial position of the state.

The name Bala is no doubt a house hold name,a conglomerate of Health knowledge and an expertise in public health care, focusing on Rural communities by making sure they receive and enjoy a revamp Health care delivery system in the entire state.

Mallam Abdullahi Bala who is one of the advocates of good governance and an indigene of Madagali LGA describe Belel as a Man of high ‘Integrity”, a powerful force that’s driving and keeping people to trust others long after they have  left their presence. According to him Dr Belel has written his name in gold and silver, living positive scars in the lives of thousands of people in the state. Hence the call to entrust him with greater assignment for the sake of the masses who he always want to serve.

“In the present office he occupies as the Chairman,a times I wonder if he is a Medical Doctor, or a career civil servant, all I see are people trooping in for one help or the order. There could be but I have never hear anybody saying bad of this Man.

“ This makes me to believe that to serve the many, you first serve the few,i think this humble and versatile Man is ripe for serving the multitude people of Adamawa Northern senatorial zone of the state. ” Bala emphasised

Another Man who was privileged to enjoy the philanthropical work of Belel from Maiha LGA, Alhaji Rilwanu Suleiman opined that the future of Nigerian is pregnant with good Omen and with smells of better leadership in the sooner possible time if people with the fear of God like Dauda can accept the “whispers of necessity” this can bring result to own a better Nigeria as against the backdrop of many corrupt leaders we have,subjecting the country into a stage of mockery and level of retrogressive cycle of Economy degradation growth.

Alhaji Suleiman  summarises the personality of Abdullahi Belel as a shining light, an inspiration to humanity and is a reason today many believes that his goodness to many people can be extend by entrusting him with a greater assignments to work for humanity,he  gave a reason that there are still good people who destiny is beckoning on them to help in reshaping and realigning the cause of history.

“ The sacrifice ‘of’ self for the greater good is the greatest calling imaginable, and it is the bedrock of the greatest nations. The sacrifice ‘for’ self is the most pathetic calling imaginable, and it is the quicksand within which nations perish.”

“ Be nice to people… maybe it’ll be unappreciated, unreciprocated, or ignored, but spread the love anyway. We rise by lifting others. This is what I see in Dr Belel.”Suleiman said

Alhaji Aliyu Magaji Adamu from Mubi North LGA who is advocating for “the act of credible people in politics” and tenacious fighting against the spirit of “Sak” Mantra. He extols Belel as the engine room of diseases control,employing the preventive and curative way of managing the outbreak of any epidemic in the state and remained committed to the best delivery service of primary health care.

“Since his assumption into office, there has not been serious outbreak of diseases that was not curtailed or control in Adamawa. His efforts and much contributions to primary health the world is celebrating him today and we are proud that this Man is from northern zone of Adamawa.

“One noble exception owing to this Man is his down to earth nature,a gentle man per excellence not minding stooping law for the underserved to Show them love and Care. Probably a reason why his giving abilities ignited him to ventured into philanthropical way of life, where he do organise a day out with people with all kinds of ailments for free drugs, he gives scholarships to dozens of students in various tertiary institutions home and abroad.

“All this is to sum up to be facts that the Man Dr Belel is behind the success stories of Adamawa state primary health care development agency, Nationally recognised as a legend of brilliant ideas when it come to Primary health care.

“In fact, I’m telling you that I will be the first person to buy form for Belel if he has agreed to contest,any body that want to be physical and economical cure Belel is the best option for us come 2019 and anybody that wants a Adamawa State to change with good things Belel is fit enough to bring development for us. We have seen his level of love he has for our people with the present office is occupying.” Magaji narrated

It’s good to say that Dr Belel has been living a life of sacrifice for the sake of humanity not only in Adamawa but Nigeria as a nation and is being spotted as a Man who can do all things for the sake of humanity.

Though he is not into partisan politics per sey but his meticulous growth of good public service has naturally initiated him into politics in the local and even the state level m.  His rise became noticeable by just making sure Adamawa people are safe and free from all forms of diseases (outbreaks) . His good will to people and his philanthropical work has shines him out to be a hope and rallying point to many people.This his standing tall qualities of a good leader and as an unassuming team player in the quest for changing Adamawa state and country in general for nation building is rating him high and to set him ready for bigger opportunity and responsibilities.

Many are looking and counting on him to be the number one Man to join hands with the Executive Governor of the state,Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow to safe and revive Adamawa state from total collapsing as a result of past adminstration poor style of leadership. Considering him to be a rare gem amongst the many ones however, is one man who stands conspicuously taller than many Young up coming politician in character, honesty, integrity and achievements.

Many indigenes of Northern part of the state in regards to his fast growing reputation as a selfless leader said can be consolidated and better utilise if Belel will not turn down their calls on him to represents the senatorial zone at the National Assembly.

Dantala Garba Maiha wrote this from, Gimba Junction Jimeta Yola,Adamawa state.

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Before you crucify Primate Ayodele, By Lukmon Akintola



Those who know Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele would acknowledge that he is one of the finest prophets of God.

As far as prophesy is concerned, Ayodele, has been the most consistent, prophesying on both local and international fronts.

His prophesies that have come to pass are countless and as such it would be a waste of time reeling them out. However, for the sake of those just familiarizing themselves with the servant of God who leads the flocks of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church both home and abroad, his prophesies includes demise of Oba Adeyinka Oyekan, death of General Sanni Abacha and the return of Olusegun Obasanjo as President.

Others are the reorganisation of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), the travails of the Lagos state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, a loss in profit by social media platform Facebook, and attacks on camps of Internally Displaced People (IDP). Also, he did prophesied about about the sack of erstwhile Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, and the death of Punch Newspapers Chairman, Gbadebowale Adeborin

His annually released collection of divine signals titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’ is verbosed on his prophesies, and till date remains one of the best collector’s item and reference point of call any day or time.

However, in recent times a misconception about a certain prophesy by the man of God involving the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, has necessitated clarifications.

The spirit of God is necessary for the understanding of prophesies in some cases, while at other times common sense would suffice. One prophesy which has been consistently heard from Primate Ayodele remains his prophesy that “Only Saraki can up seat President Muhammadu Buhari if given the right support by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)“. While there is no denying that the man of God had said this, there is the need to understand the meat of the prophesy. Primate Ayodele severally said “Only Saraki can up seat President Buhari if given the right support by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He however didn’t make mention of the fact that he (Saraki) would win the PDP primaries, something which is currently being confused by a lot of people who have been trying to misconstrue the prophesy. Indeed, you have to win the primary election to be able to contest for the President.

While it might be easy to confuse both positions, they are indeed very clear cut and separate issues. There is a clear difference in the statement that “Only Saraki can up seat President Buhari if given the right support by PDP” and his winning the primaries. While the confusion has been ragging on for a while, it would make more sense if in February when the Presidential election hold Atiku Abubakar, the PDP candidate defeats President Buhari in the polls. Then, the talking point would be that the man of God was wrong in his prophesy and that someone other than Saraki had up seated President Buhari.

However, claims that because Saraki lost the primaries to Abukbakar, thus Primate Ayodele’s prophesy is wrong is like trying to tag the north and south pole as the same.

The need to be precise and on point when when analyzing cant be overemphasized, but at this point, it is very important to clarify that the the chance to crucify Primate Ayodele would only come after the general election. For now, please let Primate Ayodele be.


* Akintola wrote from Lagos? Nigeria.

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A.B.C Orjiako, Shebah Petroleum and creditor banks: Getting the facts right



Facts emerging in the on-going case between Shebah Exploration and its creditor banks which has been reported by few media channels since a Thisday newspaper publication of Sunday October 14, 2018 have provided actual  insights.

Further investigations into recent reports reveal that actual facts are at variance with contents of the publication.

In the said publication, the writer made references to an ongoing legal matter involving Shebah Petroleum, its owner Orjiako and some of their creditor banks.

Sources knowledgeable about the matter indicate that the story contained some misrepresentations leaving the facts of the matter at variance with the contents of the publication.

Contrary to the publication, it was the banks: Afrexim bank, Skye bank (now Polaris)  and Diamond bank who filed the action at the Lagos high court, where they registered the judgement of the English Court. So, any suggestion that the judgement was registered in Nigeria with the knowledge of the defendants is false.

The fact of the matter is that Shebah Exploration, Allenne Ltd and Dr Orjiako merely filed defensive action against the registration of the summary of the English court’s judgement.

Now to the issue of payment; contrary to the insinuation that Shebah had only paid back about $6.1million, the fact is that Shebah has been working to negotiate and settle with the creditor banks and meet its obligations in respect of the facility. Going by evidence filed at the Federal High Court Lagos, Shebah has paid back over $68 million in principal and interest to the creditor banks and is committed to full resolution of the issues of the loan.

Another fact that was glossed over in the report is that creditor banks suffered a huge setback when they made an attempt to obtain a Mareva injunction (freezing order) and failed as the presiding judge ruled against the creditor’s application on 25th September, 2018 according to the records of the court.

SEPCOL is a foremost indigenous player in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, which became the first indigenous company to operate an offshore shallow water block with an FPSO, following the acquisition of 40% working interest in OML 108 from ConocoPhillips in 2004. SEPCOL was producing and meeting its obligations until 2014 when it suffered inconclusive workover program due to inadequate funding and collapse of oil prices. Consequently, the creditor banks called the facility on the company after two and half years tenure. The default in the facility was further triggered when the lenders declined a $50m repayment offer from a reputable Nigerian bank that offered to join the syndication with an additional facility in the sum of $200m

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In NHIS, corruption fights back even harder, By Suleiman Abdulaziz



The Executive Secretary (ES) of the NHIS Professor Usman Yusuf’s effort to sanitise and rid the NHIS is being sabotaged and resisted every step of the way by Agents of the corrupt both within and outside the Scheme. When the scheme was created about 13 years ago, it was expected to provide affordable healthcare to all 180 million Nigerians and give them the comfort of reducing their out of pocket spending and a net of protection from huge bills associated with serious illnesses.

But several years after, the Scheme’s coverage is an embarrassing number of little above 3 million in-spite of the massive Federal Government’s contributions on behalf of its employees.

Billions of Naira have gone down the drain without any obvious benefit to majority of Nigerians who still have to pay for critical services from their pockets and are not treated well in hospitals.

This was the national embarrassment and injustice that no one had the courage to challenge until Prof. Usman Yusuf, a Bone Marrow Transplant Physician based in the United States of America was appointed the Executive Secretary in 2016. Prior to his appointments, no one was talking about the massive corruption perpetrated by Health Management Organizations (HMOs), the middle men paid by the NHIS to pay hospitals on behalf of contributors.

These HMOs were considered as untouchable sacred Cows because they are owned by strong and powerful politicians that are well connected to the corridors of power.

He was advised to tread carefully and not to “rock the boat” if he wanted to finish his tenure in peace. Little did they know the measure and resolve of this unassuming Patriot. He took time to do a thorough analysis of the situation. What he found shook him to the core and he vowed that he was not appointed to “rock the boat” but to “sink this boat of corruption “.

Prof. Yusuf started the cleansing process by reaching out to all stakeholders including Anticorruption and Security Agencies for help. He started cleaning the procurement, finance and ICT departments. He created a Department of Enforcement to go after defaulting HMOs. He started recovering NHIS funds from HMOs, Banks and Contractors.

At the time he came in, the State Security Services (SSS) was in the middle of an investigation of the Scheme’s corrupt practices. This investigation was completed and the report submitted to Prof. Yusuf in April 2017.

The report, which this writer was privileged to have seen at the time, indicted some top members of Management of the Scheme who colluded in compromising the database of NHIS by padding the number of enrollees to favour some HMOs.

The Management also paid over N1.5 billion to these HMOs in fraudulent financial transactions within a year. The scam is perpetrated by the insertion of non-existent hospitals and ghost beneficiaries in the database and using the corrupted data to release funds to HMOs who smile to their banks monthly. Of course, their accomplices at NHIS are carried along and adequately compensated.

This was the kind of work environment Prof Yusuf walked into and had to choose either to rock the boat or join the gang that had turned the NHIS into an automatic teller machine. Predictably, he chose to be a change agent and decided he was going to stop the rot, especially knowing very well the stand of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration on corruption.

Out of the six recommendations for executive action, two turn out to be the reasons Prof Yusuf incurred the wrath of some powerful interest groups.

The first is the recommendation that the ES should place all staff of the ICT Department on suspension to allow for a thorough screening of the NHIS database and find out those culpable in the scam.

The second is that all payments to HMOs must be put on hold until all irregularities in the NHIS database were rectified.

While he did not suspend all the ICT staff as recommended, Prof Yusuf simply redeployed these staff and seconded new people from other Federal Government Agencies including the EFCC to clean the organization’s database. The new staff in the ICT department discovered thousands of ghost beneficiaries of the scheme. More than 23,000 names of ghost enrollees were flushed from the database in a moth by these seconded staff resulting in savings of N23m fraudulently paid to to HMOs monthly. Not only that, dozens of hospitals were also fraudulently listed among those offering services to enrollees of the scheme.

The discovery led to sanction of some top guns at the NHIS and further re-gig of the administrative organogram. The status quo was torpedoed to pave way for a sanitization of the scheme.

But entrenched interests were determined to fight back, and they have been fighting back throwing spurious allegations at the NHIS boss and mobilizing workers to protest in their interest. Redeployment of new staff to hitherto ‘lucrative’ departments, especially ICT led to allegations of nepotism against Prof Yusuf. In the minds of his adversaries, he must have brought his own men to continue the milking of NHIS funds.

This explains all the recent unsubstantiated allegations by Unions who are merely foot soldiers of the corrupt. They accused him of seconding his ‘brother’ to the procurement department “so that he can prepare the ground for him to award contracts” to his brother’s company. How can you read only such a sinister meaning into a redeployment made to correct long-standing irregularities in the operations of NHIS? In any case, how can someone be found guilty of an offence he has not yet committed?

It is sad that labour unionism is today is bereft of all vestiges of patriotism and people-interest. Whether at the levels of national, state or organizations, labour activism has been reduced to promoting narrow interests of leaders and paymasters, and not the interest of the majority of workers. The welfare of workers and their families is no longer the motivation for protests, but the threat to the interests of a few.

Why has the labour union of NHIS not hold any demonstrations calling for the delisting and prosecution of HMOs that have fed fat on people’s Contributions?Why would a patriotic and worker-centered Union not call for the sack of any staff implicated in the corruption of NHIS database?

Why is the focus of the Union on the Executive Secretary who has come to clean the system?

Who are the people that have turned the NHIS into automatic teller machines? Workers must start asking the leaders of their Unions questions and demanding answers.

I call on all well meaning Nigerian to speak up and support Prof. Yusuf in his quest to rid the NHIS of corruption.

Nigeria needs more of this fearless patriot.


Abdulaziz wrote in from Abuja

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